woensdag 19 oktober 2011

every night when i go to bed, just before i fall asleep i get ideas. they pop up and i always need to write them down. usually words, sometimes images. i scribble them on a piece of paper and i throw them from my loft bed into the hallway. i do the same when i have images in my dreams that i think i can use.

every morning when i climb out of bed, i collect the pieces of paper in the hallway. sometimes there's a whole pile, sometimes there's just one. some i can't read however hard i try. of some i haven't got a clue what they're about. of some i think: why did i write that down, i would have remembered anyway. sometimes i think: wow, what a great idea! some are just plain stupid. and some, probably about ten percent, turn into actual objects. or films. or photographs.

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